In the age of social networking apps where our circles are able to expand further than ever before, we’re able to connect with people of whom we have never met, would never cross paths with and unfortunately may never actually meet in person. This is especially prominent amongst dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, OK Cupid, Grindr, etc. where individuals aged eighteen and older can connect, communicate and even meet up with new people in hopes of developing romantic and/or intimate relationships. Historically, the lines between business and pleasure have been very distinct, at least until now. Enter Bumble Bizz, a geo-social networking app that introduces professionals to other professionals in their geographic area. It’s been marketed as a new way of networking and, just like with Bumble Date, women make the first move. Even Kris Jenner (Kardashian) has been hyping it. So what’s all the buzz about?…

What is Bumble?

Initially released in 2014, Bumble is the first social networking dating app designed for women to make the first move in order to better avoid harassment online. Founded by Whitney Wolfe Herd, former Tinder co-founder, Bumble has over 55 million users worldwide and is the second most popular dating app in North America. The way it works is simple, users download the app on iOS or Android and create an account using either their phone number or Facebook. Traditionally on Bumble Date, users make a profile where personal information like name, age, height, education level and habits (drinking, smoking and marijuana) are prompted by the app to fill in, along with photos of themselves, as well as a bio. Settings are then decided for the geographical radius of potential matches displayed, as well as any restrictions set for age range, habits, etc. Once that’s complete, the user is all set and can begin perusing through the various profiles shown, either swiping left (meaning not interested) or right (meaning they are interested). If two profiles swipe right on each other, they “match” and the woman (in heterosexual relationships) can now start a conversation through the in-app messaging function.

How does Bumble Bizz work?

Download the Bumble app on iOS or Android and select Bizz mode, which originally launched in 2017. Create a profile by uploading professional headshots, writing a headline (which is a brief cover letter) and include portfolio or business websites. The app prompts you to connect your LinkedIn profile to ensure that you’re legitimate, then users can start swiping! There are so many different types of professionals to swipe through and network with including: fellow entrepreneurs, creative professionals, small business owners, content creators, etc. Just like with Bumble Date, if you’re interested in networking with someone, swipe right on their profile. If you’re not interested, swipe left. If you swipe right on a profile and they also swipe right on your profile, you will “match” and have the opportunity to start a conversation. Keep in mind that the female in the dynamic is the only one who can initiate the conversation. This was designed to prevent potential harassment and exploitation within the app.  If the match comprises of two users who are of the same gender, the last person to swipe right must initiate the conversation.


There are many benefits to exploring a networking platform like Bumble Bizz! There is the opportunity to meet and network with people who you might not have otherwise met, which ultimately broadens your professional network. Bumble Bizz was intentionally designed to fill in the gaps of LinkedIn, because there is currently no networking feature and is reliant on connecting with people of whom you have already met in person. Signing up for an app like this would promote your business and increase overall brand awareness to other users of the app. Bumble Bizz also provides the opportunity to meet and potentially recruit younger more-tech savvy professionals of whom could potentially fill the gaps in your business. A platform like Bumble Bizz would also be great to find qualified job candidates of who were not aware that you were hiring. Keep in mind that all activities on Bumble Bizz must adhere to the community guidelines outlined by Bumble.

Is it right for you?

This is the ultimate question, and is unique to everyone and every business. A few things to consider before joining Bumble Bizz are figuring out what your goals are on this platform (recruiting, networking, finding a mentor, etc.) because some might be short-term, while others may be more long-term and will only come to fruition with heavy use of the app. Understanding that there might be slim-pickings depending on your geographic location is really important, especially because the selection is entirely dependent on who has created a profile on the app in your area. Major metropolitan areas have a better likelihood of success simply due to density and increased probability of use. Also, do you really want your business to be associated with a dating app like Bumble? Does it fit with your brand values? If you have considered all of this and are still unsure if using Bumble Bizz is right for you, try signing up and start swiping. You might be surprised at what you could find! Plus you can always delete your profile and close your account really easily if you decide it’s not for you.

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