You’re busy working that 12 hour ‘life of an entrepreneur’ shift (because contrary to what they told you managing a business is hard work), barely have enough time to develop relevant content, competitor social media channels, on the other hand, are bustling with loads of content and you’re just sitting, phone in hand and wondering – where do I start?

A few years back and we were like you, the tedious task of consistently churning out relevant social media content was overwhelming, every social media (good/bad) storm took us unawares and slowly, but steadily our social media game was slipping to obscurity. Then came our saving grace and its name was a social media content calendar.

A framework to manage social media content like a pro marketer

content calendar- framework to manage

A content calendar is a sequential overview/outline of all social media activity you plan on undertaking within a specific period. Think google calendar, but this time instead of managing and scheduling daily tasks, you’re focusing on just social media activities. The typical content calendar can take two forms:

  • An editorial content calendar; where the emphasis is on planning and scheduling for content development and
  • A social media content calendar; where the main goal is to develop a timetable for dispersing relevant content on social media.

Both can be developed and managed as an excel spreadsheet or via a dedicated mobile app. Dedicated mobile apps usually offer a slew of features unattainable from an excel based social media content calendar. The former, however, comes at a premium; the template for the latter can be obtained free from blogs like HootSuite and CoSchedule.

Why you should have your own social media content calendar

If the potential to take your social media journey from a string of randomized posts to an intricately articulated social media campaign isn’t reason enough for you to adopt a social media content then perhaps the following should convince you.

Social media calendars save time

Content calendar- save you time

Time, as you must have already discovered, is a scarce commodity in the business world. Social media calendars present you with an opportunity to save more of it. Because calendars itemize what you need to do and how you should go about doing it, you get to operate your social media campaign like clockwork – no wasted time thinking or procrastinating.

It helps you develop better marketing strategies

Apart from freeing up time, which allows you to assess your marketing campaign better, social media calendars, by virtue of their detailed structure makes it easier to spot trends, patterns, and growth spurts. You are more likely to identify which content strategy is deriving results and which is underperforming and can then use these indices to up your strategy game.

It makes teamwork a whole lot easier

content calendar- teamwork easier

Anyone can pick up your social media calendar at any point and know which post, comment or ad campaign is coming up next. With a social media content calendar, there’s no need to dwell too much on unnecessary explanations, if any member of your team requires info or needs to act on your current social media campaign, everything he/she needs is right there for the taking on a social media calendar.

Given this body of proof, it is easy to see just how relevant a social media content calendar can be to your marketing campaign and business as a whole. Granted, it might take time and some commitment to create, but trust us when we say it’s definitely worth the stress.