YouTube, it’s the media powerhouse that is only secondary to Google as the internet’s most popular search engine. We all use it and we all know it, whether it be for watching your favourite influencers, sports highlights or even how-to videos, YouTube is synonymous with the internet and social media. Since launching in 2005, YouTube has been acquired by Google, receives over 30 million visitors daily and has nearly 500 hours of video content uploaded every minute. As a platform it has an immense amount of power on the internet and it’s presence should not be ignored as the second-most traffic generating platform globally. The ultimate question though is if we’re all using it, why isn’t your business?

There are a multitude of ways your business can benefit from having a presence on YouTube, but it’s just a matter of using it correctly and appropriately for your goals. We’ve outlined an overview of the numerous options available when your business has a presence on YouTube.

Uploading video content vs. advertising on the platform

First, let’s clarify something – YouTube is not just users uploading videos for others to watch, there is also the opportunity to advertise on the platform in various ways and price points. Whether you choose to create and upload content and/or create ads, it is important to note that a business requires a different set of login credentials as a “Brand Account”. The interface looks very different and provides way more options that a “Personal Account” cannot provide.

Creating a channel and uploading video content

Regardless of whether you plan to simply upload video content or buy ad space, the first step to having your business be present on YouTube is creating a channel. This is your opportunity to upload a channel icon and channel art to show your brand’s personality. Just like you would on any other social media, a channel icon and channel art would be your YouTube homepage’s profile and cover photos.

Screenshot of Glamour Magazine's YouTube Channel Art

Uploading content is really quite simple. Click the video camera shaped icon to upload a video, select the video file you wish to use and you’re ready to go. Depending on the length and size of the video being uploaded, as well as the speed of the internet being used, this can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to multiple hours. YouTube should give you an estimate of how long it will take. Keep in mind that before the final step of “publishing” a video there are various privacy settings that should be considered. The default setting is to have a video be “Public” meaning everyone on YouTube is able to see the video. There is also “Unlisted” meaning only those with the link can see the video and “Private” where only the account owner can see the video. YouTube also provides the opportunity to schedule uploaded videos for a later date. Having your video content uploaded to YouTube makes it easier for retrieval and incorporating into other social media or promotional campaigns. Many programs or website builders are already preset to accept YouTube links when you wish to incorporate video content. 

Different types of ad space available 

There are three different types of ad spaces that can be purchased on YouTube.

TrueView Ads

This video ad type is a standard, non-skippable, and businesses only pay when viewers watch or interact with the ad video by clicking on it. Keep in mind that advertisers only pay for TrueView ads that are over 30 seconds long.

Screenshot of YouTube page TrueView ads

Preroll Ads

Ever notice the non-skippable ads that play before or in the middle of your YouTube video? These are Preroll Ads. Typically they are 15-20 seconds in length and will show up on videos that are longer than 10 minutes. 

Screenshot of Casper Mattresses preroll adverstisement


This is the least common type of ad used on YouTube, usually because they are the shortest and cannot provide a decent story in only 6 seconds. They appear before a video and are intended to make an impression. Bumpers are usually a part of a larger campaign, however, should not be used alone.  

Screenshot of Under Armour Bumper Advertisement

There are so many more options that YouTube can provide and help your business gain prominence on the platform. Make an account and take a look around!

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