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Do you Want To Get Qualified Leads & Clients Every Single Month For your Agency?

Of Course you Do—But The Question is HOW?







The Fastest Way for You to Grow & Scale Your Agency

For many agency owners, the reality they face is that they have no reliable system for getting new clients and every day are hoping that someone will email or call them with a referral that they might not even want to work with but have to because they don’t have a reliable source of leads or cash flow.

Not only that, but, the percentage of agency owners who can honestly say that getting new clients doesn’t stress them out, is actually really small. There is an easier way and you’ll find out about it in the free video series!

In This Free 3-Part Video Series You’ll Discover:


What Successful Digital Agency Owners Have That the Strugglers Don’t 

-Stop feeling stuck in your business. There is an easier way!


The Reasons Why you’re Still Stuck and Can’t Scale your Business

-You’ve thought about scaling up but just don’t know how.


The Biggest Mistake Agency Owners Are Making in Their Business

-Stop making this mistakes and finally grow your business


How to Get Qualified Leads and New Clients on Auto-Pilot Every Month With My 4-step System 

-Let the system work for you so you can get back to doing what you love.

A Bit About Me:

Hi, I’m Marquis Murray. I am the Founder of Media Crate, (an Inbound Marketing Agency), and I’m a passionate inbound marketing consultant devoted to building sales and marketing systems for digital agencies.

I help agency owners get more leads & clients without having to “hustle hard”, so that they can live the life of freedom they’re really after. 

I’ve worked with companies like Walmart, The Home Depot, Carter’s and Oshkosh, & Pine Sol, and in my nearly 15 years in the industry, one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for companies & entrepreneurs to find and acquire new high quality leads and clients for their businesses.

As a marketer, one of my passions is staying current with what’s new and happening in the world of digital media. I’m a dad to twin boys and love hanging out with my family at the beach (weather permitting). I’m looking forward to knowing more about you and your business. -Marquis

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What Others Are Saying:


Kyle Dutka Co-Founder | PB+J

Marquis is a systems guru who has a true knack for finding ways to operationalize and automate growth. He’s an action-oriented marketer who is mindful of where things are headed for the future of marketing, but grounded in what’s going to work for you right now.

Summer Bellamy Owner | Rodan + Fields

Marquis is a humble, generous and insightful business leader. After just one meeting his expertise and integrity were crystal clear and he shared some very valuable business advice with a sincere intention to help. This is so refreshing in an age where so many professionals just don’t take the time. I hope to have more opportunity to work with Marquis again in the future!

Joel Bergeron Founder | Deep Down Agency

Marquis is the real deal. He is the type of person you want to sit with to have a coffee for hours talking about digital strategy, social media content marketing, and real execution. I would 100% work with him again.

Ready to learn how to run a successful business and get more clients every month? Click below to get access to my free video series!

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