Vero Is About True Social—Here’s What you Need to Know

Vero, the new social networking app is turning heads and taking the world by storm. Don’t be fooled, this social app that boasts a “True Social” experience has been around for years but is slowly making its way to North America.

The app wants to give you a true social experience and is dedicated to creating the best experience for the user. They’ve even gone as far as to create a Manifesto outlining their beliefs and messaging that they want to communicate to you, the user. Everything from their business model to how they use your information is outlined in this one pager. It’s very refreshing to see a social network that is so transparent. Here’s what you won’t find on the platform.



So far, Vero has made it clear that they don’t want to bog down your feed with third-party advertising. Unlike with Facebook and Instagram, these guys don’t believe in putting things in front of you that don’t already interest you. That’s why there are no suggested follows or companies ready to take up your attention when you first sign up.


Vero is designed so that you will see all that you want to see. With different levels of access based on your network of friends (or acquaintances) Vero is giving you the power to choose what will land on your feed. The best part is that everything is in chronological order! (praise be!) You won’t miss a thing. Also, you restrict who sees what in your feed, keeping the network clean and streamlined.

Getting started

When you sign up you’ll notice that your feed is pretty empty. They’ve done this so you can connect with the people (and companies) that interest you—rather than suggesting who you should follow and what you should like. They’re suggesting the use of hashtags to get you started. By searching topics that matter to you, you can find people that interest you the most and get started by either connecting with them or following them. I personally love this feature!


There are currently three levels of access for users to categorize their followers into. The three groups are Close Friends, Friends and Acquaintances. Not only can you set certain posts so that only these select groups can see but you can also add up to three avatars so that your connections will see a specific one based on their relationship (or level of access) with you.



Collections are my favourite part of the app. They’ve gone on record as saying that they want to be the new Instagram but these guys have gone the extra mile and wrapped up a very familiar Facebook-like environment to their platform. Within “Collections” you can not only share photos and videos but you can also share and post your favourite links, music (Apple music) movies & TV shows, books and recommended places. When you post you need only to select which collection to share it to, to which connections and voila, you’re finished.

Wrapping it up

If you’re not sure about all this and thinking that the last thing you need is another social network then we suggest trying it out while you still can. Vero is saying that the first One million users will have lifetime access to the app for life. If you’re on the fence about it just remember that everyone else is doing it and the last thing you want is to come down with a case of FOMO.

The app is still pretty buggy due to the high demand for the app and overload on the servers. I’m sure their engineers are busy sorting things out and in the next few weeks, I’m sure we’ll see a much more stable version of the platform. In the meantime let’s all get inside and figure this thing out. What’s good about it, what don’t we like? How will we use it, do we need it? How will companies now leverage this new platform to market to us all? Only time will tell.

We’ll see you inside! If you have any other questions, feel free to drop us a line or even just let us know what you think! This is going to be Vero exciting!


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