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Why would someone fly across the world to work with you?

This is where every new branding project begins. We take the time and ask the (tough) questions to get you to rethink your company. At first, it’s a bit uncomfortable because 9 times out of 10, you’ve never thought about your company in this way before. This also gives us the chance to really open up to each other to see how we’ll both work together.

Once we’ve tortured you dug deep down, we can get to work developing our brand strategy. But not before sitting down and talking with some of your best customers, vendors, suppliers, and team members to get an unbiased opinion of your current brand. This is the best way to get a real picture of the impact your business is currently making in the world.

What mark do you want to leave on the world?

Though we’ll often deliver a beautiful logo and brand book, a logo and trendy color palette is not the goal. We’re working to build a real customer experience and will dive deep to explore who your most ideal customer is.

Understanding who they are and what makes them tick will allow us to reshape your purpose, the “why” behind why your company exists as well as your positioning, and ultimately, what is unique about you in the marketplace. Finding out what sets you apart is the goal of this part in the process.

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.

Visual content is a powerful medium and is often the first touchpoint that a potential customer makes with your business. To really grab their attention, visual assets from photography to video and everything in between need to be on brand.

We’ll work with your team to recreate the visual aspects of your business that make your brand unique. We want to give your potential customer every chance possible to say “yes, I have to work with them.”

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."—George Bernard Shaw

Captivating visuals are only half the battle. How your brand sounds, what types of words you use and how you effectively communicate to your audience are all crucial components for a fully integrated brand.

Letting your audience hear and understand your message as well as tone of voice are important to building your brand. We’ll deliver a brand snapshot that will include these items among other things. This way, everyone in your organization is always on the same page.

1. Discovery Call

First, we’ll get to know each other. We’ll set up a call , so we can better understand the current state of your marketing, and the unique outcomes you’re trying to achieve.

2. Research & Planning

After speaking with you, your team, and key stakeholders, we’ll get to work planning and organizing our thoughts to create a plan we’ll both love.

3. Strategy Delivery

This is the real moment of truth, where you tell us if we’ve listened and delivered what you’ve asked for. Our Brand Blueprint is the roadmap that makes it all work. Once we get this right, we can get to work.

4. Execution & Implementation

Now we can finally get to work setting up and implementing all the things we said we would. This is where you see your project start to take shape as we start to build and create.

Communicate Powerfully

Be the trending topic among your customers

Branding is what your customers say about you when you're not in the room. Make a lasting impression.

Creative team meeting

What is purpose & positioning?

Simply put, purpose and positioning is the why and the what of your business. Why do you exist, what purpose do you serve, what do you offer, and why does it all matter? What sets you apart from your competitors? We ask the tough questions and get to the core of what makes you unique so that the next time someone asks you know where you stand.

How do you find our brand voice?

Along with asking questions about your ideal customer. We do an investigative exercise where you, the principle explores the things that are important to you. Figuring out where you want to take your company, what you offer, and why it matters are why we’re all here.

Will you talk to our customers?

The short answer is yes, but we don’t have to. If that’s not something you’re comfotable with, we can find other ways to conduct this research. Keep in mind that your customers won’t hold back when talking about their expereinces so far—positive or negative.

Why choose Media Crate as your partner?

We don’t take our partnership lightly. In the first few weeks, we’ll work to become fully integrated with your team. We’ll make sure we connect with the appropriate people so that we can keep thing moving. This frees you up to be the effective leader you were born to be, not the bottleneck.

On Brand, Always

When it comes to your communication and messaging, it’s not just for your customers. It’s for everyone under your umbrella that represents your company. It’s important they know who they’re representing, what space you occupy in the marketplace, and why it all matters.

Why do you exist?

A tough question to answer if you’ve never taken the time to really think it through. We make you uncomfortable (in a good way) so that you can grow into the amazing brand you were called to be.

What Others Say About Us

Media Crate are systems gurus who have a true knack for finding ways to operationalize and automate growth. They're an action-oriented marketing team who are mindful of where things are headed for the future of marketing, but grounded in what's going to work for you right now. Bright minds, solid communicators and all-around great humans that you likely want at the table of your next systems and growth discussion.

Kyle DutkaCo-Founder | PB+J

The leadership is a humble, generous and insightful business team. After just one meeting, their expertise and integrity were crystal clear and they shared some very valuable business advice with a sincere intention to help. This is so refreshing in an age where so many professionals just don’t take the time. I hope to have more opportunity to work more with Media Crate in the future!

Summer BellamyOwner & Consultant | Rodan + Fields

I met Media Crate several months ago and was impressed with their views on the importance of Social Media in today's marketing/communication mix. In ensuing conversations, I have come to appreciate their team as an energetic, talented, group of strategists with an impressive grasp of the confusing world of Social Media and the ability to turn it to your advantage. If you are ignoring the importance of harnessing Social Media - and you shouldn’t be - a 15-minute conversation with them will reveal the error of your thinking.

Dale CarterCo-Founder | MobilBid

Media Crate is the real deal. They are the type of people you want to sit with to have a coffee for hours talking about digital strategy, social media content marketing, and real execution. I would 100% work with them again.

Joel BergeronOwner | Deep Down Agency

Media Crate are passionate believers in the power of social media to support their client's goals. They use their digital knowledge to support their client's message with keen strategy development, timely application and detailed analytics, to achieve measured success. Digital workflow is the future of marketing and this is an area of excellence for their team.

Jay RobinsonFounder | Creative Collective

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