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Social Media isn't hard to use but a lot of businesses are intimated by it. That's why I help business owners update their marketing by leveraging Facebook Ads & social media. Working in this space has led me to become a great listener and creative thinker.  

As a creative writer and blogger myself, one of my passions is staying current with what’s new and happening in the world of digital media. I’ve worked with companies like Leon’s Furniture, Carter’s and OshKosh Canada, & Pine Sol to help them create content for their audiences, and have grown and developed marketing strategies for businesses and brands alike.  

When I’m not sifting through analytics, you can find me honing my skills in photography, playing bass, or out for a walk with my family, getting to know more of the small town we now call home.

Murray Family

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What's Inspiring Me

Here’s a short list of what’s been on my nightstand lately that’s inspired success and has kept me going!

Shoe Dog

Business Building

Shoe Dog

Phil Knight failed often in order to build the empire that we’ve all come to know. It doesn’t come easy, but it does come.

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The 10X Rule

Going All In

The 10X Rule

What’s one thing you could do right now to change your situation? Why not go all in and put all your energy into it?

Start With Why

Digging Deeper

Start With Why

We’re all good at explaining what we do, but can you explain why you do it? Know why so the what & how always make sense.

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