What is IGTV?

IGTV is Instagrams brand new long-form video platform. In an effort to further compete with YouTube and Snapchat, Instagram released the platform to give creators and filmmakers a new safe haven to share their content.

What makes it different?

Anyone can use it! Personal, as well as business accounts, can use the platform and share content (at this point) of durations up to 10 minutes and 60 minutes for some larger accounts.

What makes it extra special is that all video on the platform is filmed and uploaded as vertical footage. That’s right. No square and no landscape. This is something YouTube had the opportunity to jump on at least a year ago but failed to do so and in our opinion, missed the boat.

On the podcast we’re unpacking everything we know so far and can say that we’re really excited about what we see so far. What are your thoughts on the new host?

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