On this episode of the Social Media Insider talking all things Pinterest and why if you’re running a business you should be using this platform.

Our guest:

Meagan Williamson is known by many as the Queen of Pinterest and has built an agency around the platform. Working with bloggers, influencers and corporations to service their accounts, create content and reach new audiences through pinning. Pinterest use among Businesses is on the rise has changed the way we think about the platform.

Meaghan breaks down why if you’re a business owners B2B or B2C why you need to be using the power of Pinterest to market your products or services.

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Pin Potential (Pinterest Course)

More About Meagan:

Toronto-based blogger and influencer Meagan Williamson provides custom Pinterest consultation services to brands and bloggers. As one of the top Pinterest users in Canada, Meagan brings a wealth of first-hand experience in how to maximize influence and user engagement in a genuine and natural manner.

Using a combination of personal experience, organic methods for increased reach and influence, as well as current best practices, Meagan has assisted brands and bloggers in achieving success on Pinterest.