We sat down and spoke with the Marketing Director of The Oshawa Centre, a 1.25 million sq. foot facility about their various marketing campaigns. More specifically, their most recent influencer marketing campaign and what they did to leverage influencers to increase sales and traffic to the mall.

Charly Wellings-Gray works for a company called Ivanhoe Cambridge which is a property management company and main developer for mega malls and shopping centres around the world. Charly is the Marketing Director of the Oshawa Centre, a 1.25-million square feet facility about 30 minutes east of Toronto Canada. The Oshawa Centre is one of Ivanhoe’s largest shopping centre in Canada rivaling Vaughan Mills & Mapleview in Burlington, ON

Catch up and see the campaign at www.oshawacentre.com


Contact Charly Wellings-Gray, Marketing Director, Oshawa Centre

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