Investing in Facebook ads without much knowledge of them… is kind of like pouring a can of gasoline on a fire.

One big burst of flames, then it’s gone, with only embers to show for it. Little to no conversions, and ad dollars that could have been utilized in a more efficient way. Blunt, but TRUE.

With all the different ad types it can be tough to decide which one is right for you, your business, and your marketing strategy. Before even deciding on your “ad type”, you need to determine your “objective”. Below we explore the various objectives and the ad types associated with each – a simple guide that will help you choose the right ad to invest in!

Let’s dive in.

Objective 1: Drive traffic/leads to your website

This is one of the most common Facebook Ads objectives. Whether to increase your site’s overall reach, send users to a dedicated landing page where they can purchase your product, sign up for a newsletter or participate in some other kind of lead generation. Your options include…


Link Click Ads

Link click ads

This ad type that helps you promote your external website while sending users to specific landing pages. Your Link Click Ad can be used in several placements, allowing you to deliver the same ad across multiple News Feeds and reach a larger audience. A great ad choice with the side benefit of generating Likes for your Facebook page. Don’t forget to check the comments and reply to all for an engagement boost, too!


Video Ads
Video Views

If you have a wealth of video content then Facebook Video Ads are definitely for you! These ads are another form of Link Click Ads – just with a video instead of a still image.


Boosted Page Post

Another very common option! With every post you populate on your page, Facebook gives you the option to “Boost” the post’s reach. Simply click on the “Boost Post” box and you can set up a target audience, bidding methods & budget to help that particular post reach even more people.

Objective #2: Sales and Leads for Your Product or Service

If you’re part of the e-commerce game, or, have multiple offers you wish to promote, the following ad types are what you’re looking for. Facebook has developed specific ads that allow you to showcase a range of products or services in one single ad. Including…

Carousel Ads


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This great ad choice allows you to show up to 10 images and/or videos, headlines & links or calls to action in a single ad. An extremely useful option for those looking to promote multiple products from their online store – or, for a marketer looking to promote different posts and offers.


Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

This particular ad focuses on re-marketing – they target users based on past actions (or inactions) on your website. Simply upload your product catalogue to Facebook, ensure your Facebook Pixel is installed correctly on your site’s pages, and let Facebook handle the rest! Facebook Lead Ads

Looking to generate new leads? (Who isn’t right?) This ad type is for you! This ad type allows people to download your content or sign up for your new offer without ever having to leave the Facebook platform. Quick, easy and convenient!

Note: Privacy Policy and website URL links are required

Objective #3: Likes & Engagement for your page

In a world of ever-changing algorithms, page like ads are your best friend and can not only increase your reach but also help to promote your post to those who already follow your page. Without them, the usual post on your page will only organically reach an average of 2-3% of your fan base. These ads are crucial to any social media strategy.


Page Like Ads

The”go-to” ad for increasing your page Likes. These ad types can be displayed on all placements and include a visible call to action for users to immediately “Like” your page.

Facebook like ad desktop Facebook like ad sidebar
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But remember to target an audience that will actually be interested in your page. Getting more page likes is great, but, if they aren’t actually interested in the content – they won’t engage, and if applicable, they won’t convert!


Page Post Photo Ads

A picture is worth a thousand words – and this is especially true when it comes to Page Post Photo Ads! This is a particularly great choice for photographers and those with attractive products. Pick the right image and you’ll be flooded with comments and Likes.


Page Post Video Ads

With it’s increasingly growing popularity something tells me we are going to start seeing more and more video ads. Video Advertising drives high audience engagement and helps to build a strong connection. And let’s not forget the ability to re-target visitors based on how much of your video they watched! If video content is what you do best, this option is for you.

Super bee video ad
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Objective #4: Visitors for Your Store or Event

This objective may not be as popular as the others, but, it’s still a key player with its own set of ad types that can help you rock your next event, and increase foot traffic to your brick and mortar.


Event Ads

Planning an event? Use “Facebook Events” and BOOST away! A great option when used correctly – be sure to keep the targeting relevant to the geographical location of the event, in order reach people who will actually be likely to attend. Offer ClaimsIf an offer is BIG (I’m talkin’ 30% off or more, let’s say) than an offer boost or ad is just what you want to use to get people in the door.

Facebook event marketing
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Local Awareness Ads

Another way to draw people’s attention to your store is by using the Local Awareness Ads. With Facebook’s location-based targeting option, this ad type can help you reach people who are currently near your store! Don’t forget to include a call to action like “Call Now” or “Send Message” so that users can get in touch with you quickly. Whether you’re looking to promote your business as a whole, increase sales or even foot traffic, there is a Facebook Ads solution for you.

Just remember to…

  • Identify your objective
  • Know your target audience
  • And STICK to your budget
  • Get in touch if you need any more help!

Happy Advertising!