In a world where social media platforms seem to be pushing business content to consumers, Facebook is trying to change that with one of their latest algorithm updates. Instead of highlighting content from businesses the new algorithm highlights content from users’ family and friends. The reason behind this change is because Facebook considers the interactions between their users and the people they’re close with more valuable than interactions with businesses or Pages. Ultimately, their goal is for users to view content that is meaningful to them and that they will engage with so they have a better sense of belonging and consequently, wellbeing. So what does this change in the Facebook News Feed means for you and your business? Read on to find out!

Facebook Ads vs. Organic Reach

Despite their focus on people’s wellbeing, Facebook still promotes its Facebook Ads platform (Facebook employees have bills to pay like the rest of us!) which are rich in numerous advertising capabilities and accessible by any type of business. And for good reason!

In the old days, you could simply put up a new Facebook page, and soon enough have people like your page. Then, when you published a new post on your page, a huge percentage of your fans and followers see your update in their news feeds. Today, it’s a different story as mentioned above. With all the algorithm changes and with so many friends and so many pages and groups Facebook users join, the news feed has become crowded, and organic reach has dropped significantly. If you want to reach your target audience, it’s best to just pay Facebook instead of needlessly twiddling your thumbs waiting for your fans and followers to like your new post. That said, by paying to promote your posts and consequently, turning them into Facebook Ads, you have a much better chance of achieving (or even exceeding) your advertising goals than just by relying on organic reach.



Features of Facebook Ads

Now that we reviewed all that information, it’s time to focus on six benefits of Facebook Ads to get an even better understanding of why using Facebook Ads is crucial for your business to stand out among your competitors!

1. Your potential customers and clients are all on Facebook

Well, maybe not all. But some, if not most of them, will be on Facebook. Whether you’re looking to target people in your location, country of residence or even another continent on the other side of the world, it’s very easy to do so on Facebook.

2. Hyper-targeting is a Facebook Ads specialty

When you sign up for a Facebook account, you give Facebook a wealth of information about yourself. Advertisers can then target you based on the information you provide. Other advertising platforms don’t come anywhere near Facebook ads’ targeting options.

For instance, you can target people based on their location, their hobbies, their favourite sports teams, their language, their education, their life status, their work, their finances, their travel preferences, and so much more. Essentially this means that you can target your exact audience personas and that in itself is very valuable!

3. Facebook ads won’t get you bankrupt

Unless, of course, you give Facebook all your money. But that’s not a very wise business decision, is it? With Facebook ads, you can spend a few dollars each day and Facebook is not going to complain about it.

If you compare the amount that you’ll spend advertising on Google Adwords, Bing ads, native ads, banner ads, billboards or newspaper advertising, you’re literally going to save money by using Facebook Ads! With the amount you’ll save, you’ll be able to reach even more of your target market, which means you can quickly scale your budget and get in front of more the right people.

4. You can measure your Facebook Ads results

You’re not going to be playing the guessing game with Facebook Ads. The platform is very transparent, and you can see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions your ads are receiving in real-time. To be able to measure your results, you do need to add the Facebook pixel to your website. This snippet of code is all you need to track important activities on your website – who’s buying, who’s signed up to your list, who’s visited and bounced off your site without doing anything, and more.

5. Facebook advertising can grow your website traffic and foot traffic, too

With Facebook Ads, you can direct people to do anything you want. For example, if you want them to visit your site, simply include the right call of action to your ad. If you want them to drop by your physical store, let them know. If you make your ad enticing enough and give people what they want (by addressing their pain points), then you make it easy for them to follow your call to action.

6. You can quickly get your brand in front of many people

It’s possible to get your ad in front of all 2 billion+ Facebook users. You just need to have very deep pockets. Of course, not everyone will be interested in your brand, and what you do so this may lead to high costs. In Facebook Ads, the goal is to get in front of the right audience, not just any audience. With the right audience, people will be more receptive to what you’re offering and consequently, they’ll engage more with your ad which will lead to lower Facebook Ad costs. 

Start Promoting Your Business Using Facebook Ads

Given all these great reasons to invest in Facebook Ads, I’d say it’s a good idea to allocate part of your advertising budget for promoting your business through Facebook as it is very likely you’ll have a great return on your investment. Don’t you agree?

If you have any doubts about the power of Facebook Ads, here’s something else to consider: Facebook Ads also provide many different types of ads you can choose from depending on your goals and business so you’ll get the most out of each ad! If you’re not aware of the different ad types and which ones are best for promoting your business, then you need to read Facebook Ads Types Explained – Which type is right for your business? to ensure you have a grasp on this information as it is important for building your Facebook Ad strategy.

So, are you ready to start creating impactful Facebook Ads that will get noticed by your target audience? If you answered YES but are unsure how to go about doing so and taking advantage of this great advertising platform just book a free strategy call!