Far from its humble beginnings, when it was just a platform to connect with friends and family, social media has now evolved into a vibrant hub with limitless possibilities – possibilities that when exploited could yield potentially disruptive results. Just ask BT, in 2015, on the backdrop of an improved social media customer service the company managed to deflect a whopping $2 million in operational costs. The benefits of social media, however, go past increased savings. As a business owner, it is a potent tool that can take your brand from ‘small-business’ to ‘international brand.’ Just how you might ask? Well, read on to find out!

Increasing your brand exposure 

It’s a well-known fact that the majority of the world’s population spend a huge chunk of their free time scrolling through the unending pages of social media. What better way to connect with this bunch than by meeting them at this point of rest. To do this, you must first have a strong social media presence and contrary to popular opinion, building a strong social media presence is more of engaging and communicating with your prospective audience than it is about staging the feats and accomplishments of your business. You must be ready to respond to all inquiries, suggestions, and complaints. This way your company gains organic trust, which correspondingly sets a tone for recommendations, stellar reviews, and ultimately improved brand exposure.

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Relating better to your clients

Efficient customer relations is an essential mix in the cocktail of success for any business. Most consumers are willing to provide valuable feedback about your service, provided they have an avenue to do so. Social media is that avenue; statistics indicate that over 67% of consumers actively lookout for a business’s customer relations outpost on social media. The benefits of listening in on consumer opinions are numerous; not only does your business get to spot and fix flaws, but you also build customer loyalty and trust, both of which contribute to improving your brand exposure as we already described earlier on.

Boosting your SEO and website traffic

Apart from serving as a faucet to channel in visitors to your site social media can also help you bolster your organic search engine ranking. The more consumers access and share content related to you on social media the higher all things related to your brand ranks. Higher rankings ultimately translate to more views/shares, which in turn induce better search engine placement, thus creating an endless loop.

Developing efficient business strategies 

There’s such a thing as competitive spying and social media is the place to conduct this espionage. Your brand’s competitors, like you, will also have an active social media presence.  By monitoring their social media accounts, you get to stay one step ahead of their marketing plans and campaigns. More so, careful analysis of Intel gathered from their pages can also help in the development of effective business strategies.

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Finally, social media can help your business convert leads 

Nested in the beehive of social media is a sales honeypot that is waiting to be tapped.  All your business has to do is possess the right tools to make this happen. And by tools, we mean an effective social media marketing strategy geared towards pulling in formerly unearthed clients. Provided this is orchestrated efficiently, there should be a corresponding increase in sales volume. One analysis puts it that approx. 75% of businesses that implement a working social media sales and marketing plan witness a commensurate increase in sales in less than 12 months.

Want your business to benefit from these progressive goodies? It’s time to board the social media hype train.