As every marketer knows, content is king! But, what happens when you can’t come up with new content ideas to help you engage with your customers? In a time where content is constantly flooding everyone’s feeds and inboxes, you can’t afford to fall behind in creating content that your customers will notice and love. So, since you’re reading this it means that a) you’ve run out of things to share with your audience and b) that you understand that a lack of content is an issue. Rest assured, I got you! Scroll down for 5 tips for creating content your customers will love. 

1. Take Advantage of User-Generated Content 

Thanks to the power of social media and the rise of influencers, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding high-quality user-generated content (UGC) that you can use to promote your business. Simply have a look at your social media channels for content your customers have created and tagged you in using your company’s hashtag and/or handle. From there, choose the post you think your other customers would love to see and repost it. This way of repurposing content is not only easy and free but will also help build loyalty with your customers by showing them that you’re paying attention to how they interact with your products/services and are willing to share that with the world. One thing to be careful of when using this method to create content your customers will love is to make sure you don’t play favourites and only share content from the same customers each time. Instead, share content from both the customers who’ve been following you since the beginning and customers that are new fans of your company. 


5 Tips For Creating Content Your Customers Will Love


2. Provide Useful Product or Service Tips

As you probably know, most people don’t like to feel that they are being sold to and instead prefer more genuine interactions with the brands they love. So, how can you still promote your products and services without being perceived as an annoying pushy salesperson? It’s simple! Create a post or even better, a series of posts with tips on how to use your product/service. For example, did you know that you can use a French press to not only make coffee but also froth milk and therefore, make the perfect latte at home*? While this hack is not ideal for all the milk frother companies out there, for anyone contemplating getting a French press, this can be the reason they choose to buy one. So, by finding new ways to use your product/service, this will allow you to show your loyal customers new ways to benefit from whatever it is you offer and also entice prospects to buy your product or service. 

* Unrelated side note: while I feel very proud when I make a latte at home, my Starbucks obsession is stronger than ever and I will continue to go there for coffee almost every day so if anyone from Starbucks is reading this, please don’t take my gold card away. 


5 Tips For Creating Content Your Customers Will Love


3. Answer Your Customers’ Questions

Similar to tip #2, you can create relevant content your customers will love by answering their questions. Anyone else wondering how to adopt the life-changing celery juice trend without a legitimate juicer? Anyway, thanks to the trend of “sliding into DMs” you likely have some questions waiting to be answered right now so take a look there. In addition, check out your social media pages for any public questions (which you should probably plan to address first) and have a look at your website’s FAQ section. Furthermore, try to imagine someone with little to no knowledge about your product or service and come up with a question they may have that you can easily answer. If after all that you still come up short, take a look at your competitors’ social media channels and website FAQ to see what their customers want to know. By creating content that directly answers your customers’ questions, you not only show them you’re listening to what they have to say but also that you are providing valuable feedback which in turn will help strengthen your relationship with your customers and positively impact your brand’s reputation. 


5 Tips For Creating Content Your Customers Will Love


4. Ask Your Colleagues for Input

Despite having access to customers through online interactions, the truth is that it’s unlikely you interact with your customers in person or even over the phone. However, your colleagues in the Sales, Customer Success, Customer Service and Account Management departments have frequent, real-time interactions with your customers so why not ask them what they talk about to get a better sense of what online content your customers would love to see? It could be as simple as having a quick meeting or sending an email to determine what is of most interest to your customers and then you can use that to your advantage to create killer content. Plus, this way you can show your colleagues you value their input which in turn can help strengthen internal relationships and who doesn’t want that? 


5 Tips for Creating Content Your Customers Will Love


5. Use Analytics to Measure Your Success

Hopefully you have lots of experience using social media apps and/or marketing automation systems (if not, you need to go read my blog post 5 Apps Social Media Managers Need To Know About) so this tip should be very easy to follow. Simply look at how the content you’ve shared over the past month has performed and identify the content that has the highest engagement rate, reach, impressions, etc. Then analyze the top performing social media and website posts to figure out what made them stand out and resonate with your customers. Are there any similarities in terms of topics covered, did the most popular content come from the same source such as your blog or maybe, the highest performing content was all video based? Once you figure that out, you can then recreate the most popular content and voilà, you can score major engagement and your customers will be happy because they’ll be seeing content they love. It’s a win-win! 


5 Tips For Creating Content Your Customers Will Love


Now that you’ve read all 5 tips, I’m sure you have at least one idea for your next content piece which means my work here is done. You’re welcome! Good luck with creating your content and as always, if you need any help reach out here!