When the Internet first went live in 1991, it changed the face of technology forever. Twenty years later, everything is connected, and interconnected. Social media has seeped into our lives and our businesses.


But is social media getting the better of you? Are you going out of your mind trying to manage your business’s social media platforms? We’ve put together a list of the Top 15 Social Media Apps You Need to Know About!


Multiple social media accounts or a single one – HootSuite is the way to go. With HootSuite, you can edit posts, schedule them, access multiple accounts and add account managers. There is also the mobile version that lets you manage social media on the go. What’s more, the company offers a training program that teaches how to approach social media marketing and employ these tools.


You might wonder why Evernote is on this list, however, it’s a great app for drafting a social media post before you actually post it, taking notes on something, adding a work schedule, etc. It is also great for sharing documents which makes it a must have to your list of apps.


There are many tools that allow you to publish and monitor social accounts, but Hubspot not only lets you publish and monitor but also receive closed-loop reporting data. With this feature, you will be able to track which posts are generating leads and leading to conversions.


When you are running a business, you are quick to learn to ‘re-employ’ things that work very well. MeetEdgar will help you do just that. It re-shares your evergreen content and has a huge impact on your traffic.

Adobe Photoshop

Any post has a greater impact if it is accompanied with great pictures and multimedia. Photoshop is the one tool you definitely need to edit and enhance pictures, to make them more real-life.


This application enables you to remove unwanted content from your pictures. You don’t need to be an expert or anything; it’s super easy to use. You can quickly remove background items like stands, flashlights, desk-clutter, etc. If you need to upload a lot of photos along with your social media posts, then you definitely have to get your hands on TouchRetouch.

social media toolsWhich social media tool is right for you?

Adobe Premier Clip

This one is again from Adobe. It allows you to create, share and edit videos. It is very easy to edit clips, add titles, audio, effects and transitions, etc. Using the Premier Clip, you can also sync videos across all devices.


It’s quite handy when it comes to editing of live action videos, but this app has a cool feature. You can sync the transitions of your video to your favorite song. It also comes with 100 free songs.


This is an app by Apple. It’s great for capturing videos through an iPhone and adding text, effects or graphics to the same. With the in-built Live Titles feature, you can also add animated pictures just by talking. The videos can further be synced to your iCloud and be accessed from any device.


“If This Then That” is a great automation tool that can help save a lot of your time. It can be used to manage all social media platforms, apps and websites. It works by helping you create a link between each of your services by a ‘trigger’ and an ‘action’. For example, if you’ve just posted a video on your Facebook account, which will be the trigger, the tool will automatically create a tweet, also known as the action.


Owned by Twitter, this app allows you to create a layout with multiple columns that make it super easy to follow many conversations at once and schedule content delivery in a jiffy. On the plus side, it’s free. TweetDeck has been around quite a long time and if you haven’t got it yet, you should! It makes tweeting enjoyable and trackable.


This app lets you schedule all your social media posts across any channel. You can also customize each post for the platform it is going to be posted to. It provides tracking links to see which content gets the most attention.

Social Oomph

This service has an in-built Twitter auto-follow feature that allows you to track the social media posts of your competitors, like-minded companies and inspirations. You can also track keywords and shorten links. It’s important to note that this is app is not just Twitter with auto-follow, but that it also allows you to schedule your posts and rapidly increase your network. It also has auto hashtag addition, auto status creation from your RSS’s feed and auto deleting tweets.


Sendible is sensible! It is one of the top picks of finding new leads because every time you interact with someone on social media, they are added to your Sendible CRM network. With this you can see what your leads’ are interested in. You can even set up some parameters and Sendible will automatically pick out profiles that fit with your criteria. It is the must have CRM-support application.


You know how impactful pictures can be, but it’s a pain when you need to take your own pictures and optimize them. This tool helps you search for free images that you can upload without worrying about Intellectual Property Rights.

These are our favorite social media marketing apps that make our jobs much easier. What are yours?